What is the average hour of rental?
All events are held to a 4 hour minimum. We will gladly extend the reservation based on your personal needs for an additional fee at the time of booking.
Where do the ceremonies take place?
The location of the ceremony is a personal choice. There are several locations within the pristine landscaping to choose from. No matter your choice, we are here to ensure a memorable occasion.
Is there a security deposit required?
Yes. The security deposit is not included in the cost of rental. All security deposit funds will be returned within 30 days after the event if all rules and regulations are met along with the venue being damage free.
When is the deposit due?
The full security deposit and one-half of the total cost of the event rental deposit is due upon booking, with the remaining balance due 7 days before the event.
Is clean up included as part of the rental?
No, cleaning is the responsibility of the renter and must be completed within the reservation time allotted.
Is alcohol permitted during events?
Yes. Your caterer and/or bartender must have current alcohol liability insurance and will be responsible for serving all alcoholic beverages.
Can the renter have a caterer of their choice?
Yes. It must be a full service catering company. All caterers must be bonded, licensed and insured with proper documentation to obtain venue approval.